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SpiritLifter Powerlifting Club, founded by Leon Brown, is small group of powerlifters looking to excel in this sport through hard work and the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God has gifted us with certain abilities and we are seeking to glorify Jesus and Canada in competition through our attitude and actions on and off the platform. We are members of the
OPA (Ontario Powerlifting Asssociation) and the CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union) which are members of the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation). We are a drug free club and we abide by the rules and guidlines of the CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) with regards to doping control. As members we are subject to drug testing in and out of competition at any given time.

Please take a look at our website and see if you would like be involved in this great adventure. We are looking for prayer and financial partners to journey with us as long as you like. Please send us an email at info@SpiritLifter.ca to know more about these opportunities.

Have a blessed day!!

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This site was updated on October 9th 2017

Upcoming Competition

IPF/NAPF Bench Press Championships
Hamilton, Ontario
October 26th to 28th 2017

Leon Brown will be competing on Friday October 27th at 2:00pm start time

Click here for the link to the livestream